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Order issues

I'm missing parts/hardware

Oh no! We do our best to make sure each package includes the correct hardware. Contact us via this form to request a replacement pack, and we'll make sure it ships out to you ASAP. Be sure to include:

I only received partial order

It is possible that your order can arrive in multiple shipments. In the event that your order is incomplete, we'll check with the carrier to see if there have been any issues and update you accordingly. If we determine that part of your shipment has

I'm missing pieces from my order

Because of the way our garden bed sections nest together, it can often appear that some pieces may be missing when they are actually there. Please count from the top of the package. If you need help determining please send us a picture. Please double

I received the wrong order

Please send us a picture as well as any pictures of the documentation you received with your delivery. We'll work as fast as we can to resolve the situation and get you your correct order.

What is the oily film on my garden bed?

Food-safe canola oil is applied during the manufacturing process to provide an additional layer of protection, particularly during transit when moisture can accumulate between the individual sections. Should you decide to leave the oil coating on, it

I received my garden beds damaged

We're so sorry to hear about the damage! While we do our best to provide exceptional service, some factors are out of our control. We're happy to help with a resolution. To start, please send us a photo or photos of the damaged items you received to